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Live Events

As a performer, CHISongwriter has performed in over 100 cities while opening for artists such as Lil' Wayne, Post Malone, Big Sean, MGK, & more. If you like high energy, unpredictable performances, then you'll love his shows.

He likes to utilize his high energy as an MC/Host for events. 

He also coordinates a lot of shows for himself and other artists. He's the creative behind 309Fest.


Want me to host or perform at your next event?



$150 plus travel & stay

Performance can include concerts, events, festivals, virtual

Performance w/ Band

$400 plus travel & stay

Performance with band can include concerts, events, festivals, virtual


$200 plus travel & stay

Hosting can include events, concerts, conferences, festivals, tv shows, web series



I was booked by Casper when he was doing his 15 Minutes of Fame showcase at Rail II in Peoria, IL. It was great working with him and I would be eager to do it again.

Nick Lee

CHISongwriter is a dope, unique artist and promoter who puts together awesome shows that showcase some serious talent. I've had the honor of being on some of his shows and they were hella fun.

Sam Not Samuel

Having the pleasure of working with such in creative individual is always a blessing and CHISongwriter is definitely creative and his shows have been an amazing experience for me attending and performing. Always Good Times.

MJ EightySeven


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