Price List

Song Feature

$150 - $750

Song feature can include hook, verse, recording, travel, stay, brand/marketing consultation, advertisement


$250 - $750

Songwriting can include songwriting for artist, songwriting for jingles, songwriting for ads, songwriting for TV, songwriting for film, recording, travel, stay, brand/marketing consultation, advertisement


$150 plus travel & stay

Performance can include concerts, events, festivals, virtual

Performance w/ Band

$400 plus travel & stay

Performance with band can include concerts, events, festivals, virtual


$200 plus travel & stay

Hosting can include events, concerts, conferences, festivals, tv shows, web series

Non-Union Actor | V/O Actor

$150 a day plus travel & stay | $50 a page plus recording costs

Non-Union Actor includes for tv shows, web series, shorts, skits, feature films | V/O Actor includes animations, radio ads, commercials, narration

Brand & Marketing Consultation

$100 an hour | $150 for 2 hours | $300 for 4 hours

Brand & Marketing Consultation provides help within creating more visibility and loyalty to your business, brand, music, or creative outlet.

Where The 309 Meets FB Ads

$30 - $100

Where The 309 Meets FB Ads are one to four weeks and only for businesses, brands, artists, and creatives from the 309 area code and/or looking to promote to the 309 area code.


Price Based Upon Needs

Writing can include books, business slogans, ads, taglines, mission and/or vision statements, scripts, poetry, travel, stay

Executive Producer for Music Projects

Priced Based Upon Needs

Executive Producer for music projects can include overseeing entire EP/album, songwriting, recording, mixing/mastering, brand/marketing consulting, artist consulting, travel, stay

Music Supervisor for TV/Film

Price Based Upon Needs

Music Supervisor for TV/Film can include overseeing the soundtrack, recruiting artist, recruiting scorer, recruiting composers, recruiting producers, songwriting, providing songs, travel, stay

Custom Packages

Price Based Upon Needs

Custom Packages can include any of the above services, services not above, or a combination of both.