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Casper Consulting : Music Business, Branding, & Marketing

CHISongwriter has been helping move his brand forward his entire career. With 10+ years of experience and a Bachelor's Degree from Western Illinois University, he wants to help other artists, brands, and businesses move forward in their creative careers. He is extending his knowledge of branding, marketing, and aspects of the music industry to fellow artists, brands, and businesses. Whether you're new to your industry or a veteran, let's set up your call today "Turning Hobbies into Careers"


$100 an hour* 
$200 for 2 hours*
$300 for 4 hours*
$500 for 12 hours (1 Month Retainer)*
$1,000 for 30 hours (1 Month Retainer)*

*Any Travel & Stay Needed will be an additional cost to client



I hired chisongwriter as a marketing consultant to help further establish my brand and give some insight into the music and fashion industry. His suggestions and overall contributions to creativity and marketing have been a breath of fresh air on my advertising campaigns. An easy going and down to earth guy. He was willing to offer constructive criticism and feedback and also helped my company avoid making mistakes that would have cost us valuable time and money. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an experienced marketing consultant!​

Zach S

I had CHISongwriter help market the web mini-series our team worked on. His knowledge of marketing and appropriately budgeting to reach a wide audience was immeasurable, as well as the importance on how to post and when to post it to ensure a successful social media campaign. CHISongwriter is patient and understands the value of educating clients, appropriately gauging their current knowledge and experience, and being a guiding hand to create a smooth, educational experience. I would recommend him to anyone interested in growing their brand, knowledge, and general career as a professional.

Yash H

CHISongwriter was an amazing help! I reached out to him to get help with building my brand on social media. He provided expert marketing skills to transform my platforms. His knowledge, patience, and professionalism allowed us to collectively express our ideas and insights for my brand. He taught me the keys to posting, creating creative content, and so much more! I would definitely recommend him to others!! Thanks CHISongwriter!!!

Simone FitBeauty Supplements

I'm a photographer, filmmaker and musician. I received amazing advice from Caspar recently. I feel more confident and feel like I have enough clarity to know what to do next when it comes to making moves for my businesses. He is very patient, considerate and all about helping you to be more concrete about what you want to do when it comes to putting yourself out there. Thank you so much!

Michelle B

I hired Chi to gain insight on my up and coming product line. He gave great feed back on what i had already established as well as great ideas on what i could add to what i have already established. I recommend Chi to anybody looking to get guidance and honest advice on their ideas or vision that they may have questions about.

Keith J


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