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Project 803

Project 803 specializes in executive producing, songwriting, & marketing strategies to help advance your song, EP, or full album. We also specialize in booking for recording artists. The team consists of songwriter & recording artist CHISongwriter and Producer & Songwriter @SwerveSamuels

PROJECT 803: Bio


Exclusive Beat w/ Hook

$400 plus Negotiated Percentage of Royalties

Exclusive beat with chorus to be used for profit

Songwriting & Beat

Price & Percentage Based Upon Needs

Songwriting & Beat can include an beat with songwriting for an artist, songwriting for jingles, songwriting for ads, songwriting for TV, songwriting for film, recording, travel, stay

Executive Producer for Single

$250 & 20%, $400 & 15%, or $500 & 10%

Executive Producer for single can include overseeing song creation process, marketing strategies, artist development, networking, & music business consulting. Travel & stay fees may occur if artist is beyond 50 miles from Chicago.

PROJECT 803: Price List
PROJECT 803: Videos
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