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The Poet

CHISongwriter, the poet, has been discreetly writing poems for over 10 years. He utilizes the art to convey consciousness and vulnerability. You may hear some live at his shows. He has a self published poetry book titled, “Ingredients of Connected Souls” and a self published poetic coloring book titled "The Spirit's Expansion".


Poetry Books by Casper Alexander

POETRY: Pro Gallery

Spoken Word By Casper Alexander

CHISongwriter - Persona (Poetry Video)
My Intervention (Poetry Video)
My Goddess Pt 2 (Poem)
Possibly Love (Poem)
Closure (Poem)
@CHISongwriter - "Persona" & "You Can't Judge Me" (Poetry)
Self-Esteem Healing
@CHISongwriter - Robots and Barbie Dolls (Prod. by @SwerveSamuels) (Shot/Edited by Blake Shiman)
POETRY: Videos
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